Recruitment & Training

Training - RRFC will be training at the recreation ground for the summer. The recreation ground is located on Robertsbridge Hight Street. Training takes place every Tueday and Thursday, 7.30 - 9pm. All Welcome.

Simon says:

"All Players should be thinking of improving their strength. For us to get promotion we need to improve. Ignoring the benefits of strength, you would also gain much improved protection from injury, become a far more effective player and enjoy your rugby more."

Do you:

If you have made it this far in your quest to get fit, or are interested in playing rugby then read on. Whether young or old, experienced or complete novice, a Jonny Wilkinson or a Johnny Vegas, don't know your Carling from your Heineken, you will be welcomed into the club. Rugby is a great way to get fit, stay fit, and enjoy the best team sport that exists.

Martin J from Leicester asks "but what if i can't play rugby?"

Don't worry, you will pick it up very quickly. If you look at the people that do play, how can it be complicated?

Jason R from Sale asks "I worry that I'm not fit enough"

That's what training is for. Just turn up, do what you can, and enjoy yourself.

Gavin H from Wales asks "but will I know anyone?"

The chances are you will. We attract players from Tunbridge Wells to Hastings, From Burwash to Hawkhurst, because we are a small and friendly team with a history of fun and success.

Join us at the recreation ground on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for pre-season training and Robertsbridge Community College during the season.

You know it makes sense!


Click here for a slightly more in-depth look at the game, positions, and terminology of rugby. Starting this month with the front row.