Hello ! Or as we say in Poland “Dzien Dobry !”

The flag above is the flag of Poland and the Bridge are pleased to announce that our next tour will be to the city of Wroclaw in Poland.

Full details are yet to be confirmed but the outline of the tour is as follows:

Name :   Poleaxed in Poland

Departure : Thursday 15 May 2008

Return : Sunday 18th May 2008

Price : Maximum of £250 to include all flights and 

            transfers, 3 night B &B accommodation ,guided 

            pub crawl, VIP access  to nightclub, match and  

           tour  shirt.

If you are interested, contact Brian King or a member of the committee.


My name is Aluska  and I am dressed in traditional Polish costume to welcome the boys of the Bridge to my wonderful country.

Many of my friends and I will be waiting at the airport for you to greet you and show true Polish hospitality which I am sure you will like very much. There will be much vodka drinking, dancing, vodka drinking, dancing and vodka drinking. And as we drink we get to know each other really well.

We have been studying pictures of you very handsome men and seen pictures of you in your rugby games. You must all be very strong and tough and have very muscular legs. We like look of you very much and I think you will like look of us. My friends and I are in our twenties and love partying and being nice to visitors. Please if you have any plumbers in your team bring them as we have none left here.

To help you prepare for you visit I will teach a few words of Polish.

Dzien dobry      :   Hello

Tak                    :   Yes

Nie                    :    No

Dziekuie           :    Thank you

Dobra  Noc       :   Good night 

More words and phrases soon.

Do widzenia

Aluska XXXX